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10 Different Varieties of Honey

Varieties of Honey

Just like me you will be surprised to know that there are more than 300 Varieties of Honey. ? Different types of honey are categorized by flower source. Honey from the same flower in the same location can vary in taste, depending on temperature and rainfall. Space doesn’t allow us to list all 300 varieties of honey so we’ve listed some of the more common.  As a general rule, the flavor of lighter colored honeys is milder, and the flavor of darker colored honeys is stronger.

Varieties of honey

Types of Honey

1. Alfalfa Honey

Alfalfa is a legume with blue flowers. It blooms throughout the summer and is ranked as the most important honey plant in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and most of the western states. Alfalfa honey is white or extra light amber in color with a fine flavor. The honey makes a perfect table honey for everyday use.

Honey for table

2. Almond Honey

Almond honey is an amber color and has a rich, nutty flavor. Almost all almond honey comes from California. Most people are not fond of this flavor. It has bitter aftertaste. It is difficult to find this honey as most of it is sold to food producers. Many people who are allergic to nuts find that they can eat this honey. Please exercise caution as nut allergies can be life threatening.

3. Avocado Honey

This is another variety of honey that comes from California when the avocado trees are in blossom. It has an almost buttery taste to it. It is absolutely delicious, but hard to find. Check with online bee keepers from California to get a taste of this delightful honey.

4. Buckwheat Honey

This is the darkest of all the varieties of honey. It also has super strong taste. Not a bad taste, but it is very strong. This honey is super rich in minerals and antioxidants, which makes it a good, general, all-purpose type of honey.


5. Forest Honey

Forest honey also known as Pine honey or Honeydew. This honey is made from different types of pine, cedar, or fir trees in the forests. Although pine trees do not have flowers, however, during certain times of the year they do produce something called honeydew. This honey is super tasty and very dark in color.  It has super strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds.

varieties of honey

6. Goldenrod Honey

As the name of the flower implies, this honey is super golden yellow. It has an exceptionally floral type of scent and a very distinct flavor you won’t forget. This honey is a natural diuretic.

7. Heather Honey

Honey made from beautiful heather flowers is dark yellow in color. It has a super pleasing taste that kids really go for. Heather honey is terrific at removing mucous from the lungs and bronchial tubes, as well as problems with the kidneys and urinary tract.

Different varieties of honey

8. Mountain Honey

This honey is obtained from wild herbs that grow in high mountain areas in unpolluted areas. It is a popular for its healing compounds. Even when diluted 150 to 1 ratio, this honey still have powerful antimicrobial compounds. This is the type of honey used most often in folk remedies to heal skin wounds and infections.

9. Sage Honey

Honey that comes from the flowers of sage plants can vary in color because there are several different types of sage. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste, but has a super relaxing effect on the body and improves the mood. Sage honey is super-efficient when added to teas and will help stop coughs, and clear congested lungs. Sage is also known for strengthening the immune system.

types of honey

10. Wildflower Honey

Sometimes it is also called floral honey, meadow honey, or flower honey. This comes from a wide variety of wildflowers, depending on the area. This honey has a nice amber color, is very sweet, and has a delightful smell. This honey is especially good at improving the immune system. It can also help those who suffer from seasonal allergies or allergic asthma.

Let us know your favorite kind of Honey. Enjoy!